Coin Laundry

coin-laundry-owners Welcome to Posh Wash. We help get your clothes cleaner, faster! Using our high performance, stainless steel washers and dryers. Large enough to accommodate multiple loads in a single machine, comforters, sleeping bags and even heavily soiled work clothes are no match for these machines. Plus dry your clothes faster with less wrinkles using our optimally calibrated dryers. See More

Coveralls and Work Clothes

Get the dirt out with our large commercial grade machines!
*Your 10th Coverall Wash is FREE, with our on-site punch card service!

  • Work Clothes
  • Coveralls
  • Insulated Coveralls


Did You Know?

eco-friendly dry cleaning We offer Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning because it is safe for you and for the environment. Breathing some dry cleaning chemicals adversely affects the nervous system, (dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and sweating). Some are known to damage the liver, kidneys, and affect reproductive organs. There is strong evidence that some are cancer causing. Chemicals from clothing, even thought you can’t smell it, can float in the air and last up to a week.  Some products are called “earth friendly” but a closer look can reveal that it is not necessarily so as they can be damaging to the environment.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning leaves the clothes smelling fresh and is soft against your skin. To see just how readily skin absorbs, try the garlic test. Step barefooted on a peeled garlic clove and you will taste it within a minute.