Coin Laundry

Get Your Clothes Cleaner, Faster! High performance, stainless steel washers and dryers make doing laundry a snap. Large enough to accommodate multiple loads in a single machine, comforters, sleeping bags and even heavily soiled work clothes are no match for these machines. Plus dry your clothes faster with less wrinkles using our optimally calibrated dryers.

Dexter washing machines are front load, state of the art and environmentally friendly.


The complete wash cycle is 23 minutes; add 1 hour to dry and fold and your multiple loads of laundry are complete in just over 1.5 hours. When laundry piles up get it done fast and effectively. Relax and read a book on our comfy couches while you listen to the soft hum of the dryers. You can make it a justifiable hideaway or bring your children to play in the toy box.