Drop-Off Laundry Service

nav_drop-off-laundry_anim You work hard and you deserve days off to be about you, enjoyable and rejuvenating. Bring us your washing to have it professionally washed, dried and folded. You can even let us do the ironing.

Whether it is your hand wash and delicates or camping clothes and gear we will clean it with expertise and skill. We use the SmartKlean Laundry Ball  which removes soap residue and leaves your clothes soft and smelling fresh and the colors stay brighter. Dark active wear comes back looking newer. All of you have to do is put it away and laundry is done.

Got stains? Bring it to us. We have removed blood, grass and food stains off of many different fabrics.

Fast and efficient drycleaning for your non washables. Drycleaning for suits, dresses, blouses, pants as well as wedding gowns and party dresses.

In a rush? We can do next day from Monday to Thursday most of the time depending on the garment.

Steam and Refresh
Sometimes it doesn’t need drycleaning or sometimes there is no time for drycleaning, but you need to wear it. We can steam and refresh it to have you looking your best. Same day service is available.